Spending the weekend with my special someone in one of my favorite romantic weekend getaways from DC is one that I look forward to each week. We hardly see each other during weekdays because of work but we make sure that we dedicate our weekends to spending time with each other and growing our relationship together. It is also our time of the week where we get to relax and unwind and look for more inspiration to work hard each week. If you live in DC, too and would like to know some romantic destinations nearby to take your special someone, here are my favorite places. I highly recommend going to these places as they will surely keep the sparks going and the chemistry bonded.


Romantic Weekend Getaways From DC #1: Homestead

If you want to relax and unwind with your partner in a secluded and tranquil place, the Homestead is a great place to go. I usually spend my romantic weekends here with my partner and it never fails to keep us relaxed and happy. This is considered by many people as the most luxurious resorts and spas. It is located in the Allegheny Mountains in Virginia offering a picturesque and tranquil environment perfect for healing the mind and body. There are also a handful of other activities and amenities offered here such as hiking, horseback riding, fishing, boating and many more. It is one of our favorite romantic getaways not only for the seclusion it gives but also the adventures we get to do and the memories we get to create.


Romantic Weekend Getaways From DC #2: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Weekend Getaways From DCLocated north in Farmington, Pennsylvania, this place offers yet another tranquil and serene environment for couples looking for a place where they can spend time with each other alone. The French renaissance structure of this Chateau will never fail to put awe into anyone’s mouth. It offers an authentic and rich history. That, combined with the Laurel Highlands Mountains is what makes this hidden gem a treasure couples would love to find every weekend. There are townhomes and private homes that can accommodate you if you plan to stay there for longer days. Aside from the infrastructure, there are also a handful of amenities you can enjoy here such as a championship golf course and an esteemed spa. There is also the Adventure Center that holds a bunch of activities such as paintball, rock climbing and zip line.


Romantic Weekend Getaways From DC #3: Greenbrier

Located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, this resort boasts of up to 50 different recreational activities that guests can engage in. Some of the activities they offer here include three different championship golf courses for golf enthusiasts and both an indoor and an outdoor tennis court for people who want to sweat some. This 40,000 square foot esteemed spa is also considered a National Historical Landmark in the area.


Spending Time With Your Loved One

Weekend Getaways From DCCouples need to dedicate some time with each other to keep the spark going and the molecules of their love for each other bonded. These romantic weekend getaways from DC offer places where you can keep that spark ignited and your love glued to each other.